Why it Matters That Ben Franklin Tech Partners’ New Team Brings Clinical Experience to Healthcare Investing

Often times it is the people closest to problems who best understand the solutions.

That’s why state-backed seed and early-stage funder Ben Franklin Technology Partners has brought on pros with direct experience in the healthcare field to lead its new Healthcare Investment Group (HIG).

HIG Managing Director Jennifer Hartt, Ben Franklin’s former director of investments for life sciences who also counts experience in lab research and clinical settings, leads the group’s four-person team. Hartt said its work is an opportunity to address community health needs through the support of entrepreneurs with impactful, scalable health concepts, with equity in mind.

“We’ve had a lot of experience over the years working with entrepreneurs, but we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that our ultimate client is the patient,” she told Technical.ly. “We know from seeing people come to us with ideas on what could work in healthcare or as a digital solution. People come to us with a solution that is plugged in or an unmet medical need.”

Ben Franklin has long funded healthcare companies, including recent investments in SOLUtion Medical, Strados Labs and Avisi Technologies. Broadly, the new group will invest in people with ideas about what the future of healthcare looks like and how tech can fit into it.

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