Support Ben Franklin to Create Impact Beyond Innovation

We build companies that drive outcomes to create lasting impact.


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Ben Franklin’s work in the Philadelphia region has become a model for the effective growth of impact that comes from building communities of innovation. The months and years ahead will require even more support for our emerging ventures working to solve global challenges that affect our quality of life.

Through your support of Ben Franklin, your strategic investment in our startup ecosystem will invest not only in social, environmental, and economic innovation, but in the equitable economic recovery and future vitality of the Philadelphia region. Your support of Ben Franklin will directly produce both immediate and long-term growth of local jobs and revenue, and develop technologies that solve immediate and long-term global challenges.



Ben Franklin’s work is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework.


of our direct work  supports goals 8 & 9 by our mission of regional innovation and equitable economic development.


of our active portfolio companies directly address a particular SDG (health, energy, water, environment, education, economic growth, responsible consumption & production) .

Read about some of our companies’ successes here.


Ben Franklin can customize options to achieve your vision and outcomes.

Ben is committed to working with you to identify the most aligned philanthropic roadmap for generating your desired impact outcomes. From health to racial equity, climate action to regional recovery, the investments made today will seed the region (and world) we create for tomorrow.

Your Capital Can Target Growth Including:



Ben Franklin will provide regular reporting on the activity facilitated thanks to your capital, with a description of each company and total impact (including # of jobs created and other available social impact KPIs).


Individual or recurring contributions will enable us to invest in more emerging ventures, increase company support, and expand and launch programs to grow our region.


Creative structures including loans,
recoverable grants, or performance based contributions put capital to work to fuel regional innovation and create an evergreen asset for future growth and impact.


Invest for both financial return and
impact that is meaningful to you.
Ben Franklin enables you to invest
in emerging regional ventures that
support your passions.


For more information contact:

Margaret Berger Bradley
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
215-972-6700 x3994