Meet Ben

Ben Franklin is the Philadelphia region’s Partner with a Purpose.

We stimulate entrepreneurial potential, economic growth and innovation in Southeastern Pennsylvania by providing the Capital, Counsel and Connections that accelerate the formation and growth of both technology-driven enterprises and partnerships that create sustainable employment opportunities and spur the development, commercialization and adoption of advanced technologies.

Partnership is a journey full of vital intersections, and we add strength at every crossroad.

What unites everyone we work with is a shared focus on using innovation, investments, and technology to make a difference. When we seed innovation, it blooms as economic growth in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

With our capital, counsel, and connections, we accelerate the growth of technology-driven enterprises in order to spur development, facilitate commercialization, and encourage the adoption of advanced technologies.

Meet Ben

We have the insight to get you where you want to go and the experience to make it happen.

When you collaborate with Ben Franklin Technology Partners, you have access to the center of the action. By channeling 35+ years of success stories, we have the experience and resources it takes to strengthen every newly unfolding chapter inside our region’s technology ecosystem.

In over three decades, we have forged our reputation as a venture investment leader with both regional and national influence. Today, our region is uniquely poised to grow the world’s next-level technology. We’re your partner in making that happen.

What is Ben Franklin?


Years seed capital expertise


Million dollars invested


Companies launched

With Ben:

  • Entrepreneurs gain momentum by working with the leading seed stage capital provider for the region’s tech sectors.
  • Corporations link to a thriving innovation pipeline.
  • Investors identify high-performing opportunities inside a steady source of qualified deals.
  • University partners convert intellectual property into successful enterprise.
  • Legislators and community builders position Southeastern PA as the center of the impact economy and as a region with growing industries, jobs, and revenue.
  • Business collaborators strengthen professional connections in Greater Philadelphia.

We are structured for strength.

We operate as a 501 C-3 Corporation, using the tools and best practices of venture investment and technology commercialization to help build the companies that grow our region. With a skilled multidisciplinary team and leadership from an independent board of directors, we are able to combine the best of private and public worlds to build innovation with impact.