We achieve measurable success.


Since 2001, Companies inside the Circle of BENefits have raised over $2B in follow-on investments.


We have produced more than $5.1B in regional economic impact.


We have created over 11,000 direct jobs and 21,000 indirect jobs since 1989.


Our work has returned $3.90 for every dollar of state investment.

We deliver on growth in an entirely unique way.

In our world, growth is not something that happens on the surface or in a linear fashion. Our definition of growth is rich enough to feed a pipeline of companies who stand at the forefront of innovation, fully poised to make social and economic impact in our region. To accomplish this, we combine experience, technological expertise, partner insight, and a portfolio of stand-out companies. And we support their trajectories to success with the most deeply rooted, multi-faceted network in the region.

It requires a different approach to make a difference.

Working with so many mission-focused organizations in our region and beyond brings the most compelling pipeline to our investment team. And in turn, our team brings the capacity for world-class due diligence, the ability to help each company solidify its own unique approach, and the expertise to refine growth strategies for lasting success. Our process carries real weight and cultivates an investment community ready to identify where smart capital can make a difference.

We are rigorous for all the right reasons.

Our investment review committees provide subject matter expertise tailored to a myriad of industries, so we are able to put each enterprise to the test. This also opens a dialogue with our entrepreneurs that brings iterative learning and progress into the spotlight and helps good teams shine as they refine their case for growth.

Our green light casts a brighter glow.

Investment from Ben Franklin sends a signal that a company has made both a strong case to its investors and a commitment to the growth of the Philadelphia region. When a company achieves investment from Ben Franklin, it opens up endless doors for lasting growth by granting access to the Circle of BENefits. This is a true support network of resources, wisdom, and connections that that founders and companies can count on for the rest of their growth journey. They can tap into new networks for investment, resources for leadership growth, prospects for their client pipelines, and so much more. The possibilities are as infinite as the growth potential.

As a source of both introductions to fantastic startups in the Northeast and of expertise in budding technologies, Ben Franklin continues to be a valuable part of the Draper Venture Network.

- Gabe Turner, Draper Venture Network

We like talking to Ben Franklin’s portfolio companies, because their due diligence process helps ensure both the stability and forward-thinking perspectives we look for in our investments.

- Nate Lentz, Osage Partners

Ben Franklin’s decades of committed success in nurturing entrepreneurship makes them an ideal collaborator to share in UPA’s mission: to engage our community and its institutions to maximize the social and economic impact of innovation in our city, the region, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

- Scott Mazo, University Place Associates

BFTP’s funding, wise mentorship, and deep networking connections have been absolutely instrumental to our growth and success.

- Oleg Shinkazh, CEO, ChromaTan

BFTP’s involvement was a vote of confidence that drew in a series of local and international angel investors.

- Nicholas Nicolaides, President & CEO, Morphotek

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