When you grow, the Philadelphia region grows with you. That’s how we succeed together.

We’re known as “Partners with a Purpose” for many reasons, but it’s our partners that drive the success of our community. They support the development and improvement of the region’s infrastructure for innovation by growing resources that catalyze technology assets while providing opportunities to retain and attract talent.

Ben Franklin partners with universities, corporations, capital, incubators, accelerators, regional leaders and more, to support the diversity of founders, investors, technologies, and communities, transforming nascent possibilities into lasting growth.

When you partner with Ben Franklin, you support the impact beyond innovation: supporting young companies through investment and beyond, leading individuals and communities into the next stages of growth, while developing real-world solutions that benefit the world.


When entrepreneurs succeed, we all succeed.

It starts with the people who see the spark of possibility and grow it into new, innovative enterprises. We firmly believe that actively supporting entrepreneurial ventures is a viable, long-term strategy for universal economic development. Every program and service that Ben Franklin provides has one core goal in common—to provide resources to entrepreneurs that accelerate the growth of viable businesses.

Portfolio Companies


Capital accelerates growth, but smart capital accelerates lasting growth.

At Ben Franklin, we are devoted to creating lasting relationships between our region’s investment community and our innovation ecosystem. We collaborate with investors to help qualify the opportunities capable of making the greatest impact. Not only do we pinpoint the investments that will produce the greatest financial returns, but we also support investors with services and connections that maximize the impact of their capital. When revolutionary businesses receive growth funding with leadership in place to perpetuate their success, we are able to magnify the cycle of growth exponentially.

Investment Partners


Together, we move academic discovery toward commercial success.

Our commitment to emerging technologies is what powers our partnerships with the region’s universities and research institutions. We work with our academic affiliates to identify and support burgeoning technologies while encouraging talent retention for economic development. Inside the academic atmosphere, we help drive discoveries to commercialization by supporting the formation of new companies.

University Partners


Fresh perspective moves mountains when it comes to shaping innovation.

By facilitating connections between emerging and established companies, Ben Franklin is making introductions that are critical to helping innovative businesses grow. Programs like First Meeting directly connect the strategic interests of corporations with innovators who can support their vision for success. When established industries, organizations, and leaders connect to freshly formed ventures, both stand to benefit.

Corporate Partners

Business Community

Sustaining the passion of our region’s leaders and peers is critical to our future.

Our finger is on the pulse. We know how passionately organizations in the Philadelphia region are working to stimulate the kind of growth that boosts our economy and changes our lives. By creating a nurturing culture, we are all motivating leaders with ideas to plant roots here and see them through. We support momentum with programs like FabNet and PRIMA, which cultivate industry-specific connections to help expedite success. And we further escalate our commitment to growth by connecting business leaders, founders, and technologists to one another through partnerships with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, PACT, Village Capital, Philly Startup Leaders, Backstage Philadelphia, and more.

Community Partners

Government and Civic Leaders

The spirit of public-private partnership is at the core of everything we do.

We are all working to build more opportunity and prosperity for Pennsylvanians in our region. We share that drive with our elected leaders, civic officials, regional partnerships, mission-driven organizations and more. In fact, we know the value of civic support first-hand, because we are partially funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, through the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority. Our civic backbone crystallizes our role as we foster connections between business leaders and those who champion policy and civic action.

Government and Civic Partners