Benefits of Partnership

It’s so much more than capital.

Securing funding is critical, but the value of our partnership takes you far beyond the numbers. Ben Franklin gives you constant access to invaluable resources, reach, and relationships. As part of our Circle of BENefits, you have ongoing access to counsel and connections, all working to help you sustain the value of your investment and attract the attention of clients and investors. Connect to what your business needs while rubbing elbows with the region’s most exciting, high-growth companies.

Experience a swell of support that propels you toward your growth milestones.

By engaging with our technology and investment teams, you are tapping into decades of time-tested, sector-focused investment guidance—wisdom that has grown thousands of companies in our region. Along your path to investment, we connect you to subject matter experts who have the perspective required to strengthen your company. They can work with you on the stability of your technology, the capabilities of your team, your readiness for investment—and everything in between.

Start the progress by starting the conversation.

Whether you meet us out in the community, talk to one of our Partners about us, or attend a Meet Ben session, our priority is you. Every interaction we have is devoted to understanding the needs of your business and charting your path to growth. When you grow, the Philadelphia region grows with you. Our aim is to reach success together, and that’s precisely why we’re here to help.

Start the conversation and find out how to apply.

The FabNet Grant was invaluable to help lift our project from concept to start-up, and we would not have had the same experience as a business and company without the support of the BFTP community. Thank you!

- Lorenzo Albala, MD (Circalux Inc. Founder and CEO)

Having a grant of money meant so much to me. The staff at NexFab were so knowledgeable, helpful, & encouraging, but it also takes money to make an invention go forward. When I got the Ben Franklin award, I knew Philadelphia was the place to make innovation happen.

- Gregor Z. Hanuschak (Smack Attack)

Working with entrepreneurs in the Mentor Connect program has provided an opportunity to share experiences with a wide variety of seasoned executives with varying perspectives based upon their professional journeys.

- Gerianne DiPiano

As an unexpected benefit, I have discovered that helping other CEOs with the core issues they face - and hearing the input of fellow mentors - also provides me with valuable perspective I can come back and utilize in the Company I lead.

- Carl Guarino

BFTP provided us with the tools to drive innovation with our business, which we will keep doing.

- Matt Reichert, CEO, Health Market Science

The financial and business support from BFTP has been very important. Having good professional advice and guidance at the early stages is critical.

- Ben Dor, Founder, InfraScan

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The benefits of being part of our portfolio start immediately. You’ll have constant access to a true support network of invaluable resources, reach, and relationships that you can count on for the rest of your growth journey.

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