Strados Labs is focused on making respiratory health less complex, easier to measure, and more readily monitored across the entire patient journey.

Strados developed the Remote E-Stethoscope Platform (RESP), the world’s first medical-grade wearable e-stethoscope. RESP™ offers clinicians a cost-effective, non-invasive and wireless solution that enables early, remote detection of key changes in lung acoustics and ventilation patterns of patients between nursing visits. RESP™ easily integrates with existing clinical workflows, can be billed under CPT codes for RPM and Telehealth, and can help predict and avoid pulmonary failure events that are costly and life threatening

Sector: Healthcare
Sub Sector: Digital Therapeutics
Industry: Healthcare
Status: Active
County: Philadelphia

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Nick Delmonico


Richard Powers

Co-founder & COO

Jason Kroh


Dr. Mitchell Glass