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Ben Franklin Tech Investments: $300K In Three Companies

March 4, 2024

    Companies featured: On The Goga – Philadelphia County On the Goga is a platform that helps insurance brokers turn employee wellbeing into revenue. Our product lets benefit consultants effortlessly customize their own wellbeing & culture platform and offer it to their entire book of business, at no cost to their customers.   […]

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Ben Franklin Healthcare Investments: 1.3 Million in Four Companies

February 29, 2024

  Companies featured:   Hoth Intelligence -Delaware County Hoth is developing augmented reality software to create a 3D reconstruction of the patient’s brain to support accurate and proper placement of external ventricular drains (EVDs)     Vittoria Biotherapeutics- Philadelphia County  Vittoria Biotherapeutics is a leading edge, gene-edited cell therapeutics company with novel platform technologies […]

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Ben Franklin Healthcare Investments: $785K In Four Companies

November 16, 2023

  Companies featured: RightAir – Philadelphia County RightAir is a medical device company developing Air-AD, the first portable, negative pressure breathing assistance device designed to make breathing easier for people with respiratory disorders.   Astarte Medical Partners – Bucks County Astarte Medical is a precision nutrition company leveraging data, analytics, and digital tools and […]

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Ben Franklin Tech Investments: $610K In Three Companies

November 14, 2023

    Companies featured: Epilogue Systems – Delaware County Epilogue Systems is a B2B SaaS software company whose product, Opus, falls into the Gartner software category called Digital Adoption Platform. Opus makes implementing, learning and using B2B enterprise applications easier.   WealthHub – Montgomery County WealthHub combines state-of-the-art CRM with trust-specific business process management […]

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Ben Franklin Healthcare Investments: $250K In Two Companies

September 21, 2023

  Companies featured: Cagent Vascular – Delaware County Cagent Vascular is a medical device company developing minimally invasive technologies to treat cardiovascular disease. Cagent Vascular is led by Co-Founder – President & CEO, Carol Burns   OxyDial – Philadelphia County OxyDial developed a new scientific method, medical instrument, and cloud platform for Oxygen-Hemoglobin Equilibrium […]

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Ben Franklin Tech Investments: $75k In Two Companies

September 19, 2023

  Companies featured: Accencio – Philadelphia County Accencio is a technology company driving innovation at the nexus of molecular science and intellectual property. Our cloud-based, subscription products provide fully visualized, data-rich interactive landscapes which accelerate and enhance drug discovery. Accencio is led by its co-founders Kevin Brown (CEO) and Kevin Brogle (CSO)   Wealthmore […]

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Ben Franklin Impact Report 2022

May 22, 2023

The Ben Franklin Impact Report 2022 highlights the big numbers and events for Ben Franklin’s impact and results for and the Philadelphia region (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties) in the previous year. The report highlights some of the many success stories from our portfolio and partners, and offers a look at the sector […]

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Ben Franklin Healthcare Approvals: $700K In 4 Companies

May 10, 2023

  Companies featured: Navrogen – Philadelphia County Biotech focused on enhancing the immune system to fight cancer by removing the effect of factors produced or induced by tumor cells which inhibit the cancer-fighting humoral immune system. Navrogen was co-founded by Nicholas C. Nicolaides (CEO) and Luigi Grasso (CSO).   RightAir – Philadelphia County RightAir […]

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Ben Franklin Tech Approvals: $900k In 4 Companies

May 9, 2023

Companies featured:   Asylon Incorporated – Montgomery County Asylon was created to automate the future of drone technologies. Their product DroneCore, is a full-stack, automated drone solution that can provide unique real-time video and data analytics to end-users. The drone is capable of 24/7 flights and is managed autonomously by a robotic station, capable of […]

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CY: 2022 Ben Franklin Approved $10.3 Million In 42 Companies

March 15, 2023

  To view details about each company, visit our directory page.     Tech  Accencio* Agora World Asylon Incorporated Brad’s Raw Chips CollX Epilogue Systems Exyn Technologies GoWell, Inc. GrowFlux ImpactableX Innovative Supply Solutions IQ Motion Control Lluna Luxtech Nexteon Philanthropi Policy Map Red Vector Session Guardian SkillCycle Turnify Whose Your Landlord Yellowdig Healthcare AnaOno […]

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