Ben Franklin Healthcare Investments: $785K In Four Companies


Companies featured:

RightAir – Philadelphia County

RightAir is a medical device company developing Air-AD, the first portable, negative pressure breathing assistance device designed to make breathing easier for people with respiratory disorders.


Astarte Medical Partners – Bucks County

Astarte Medical is a precision nutrition company leveraging data, analytics, and digital tools and diagnostics to improve health outcomes in the first 1000 days, from conception to age two.


Nobias Therapeutics– Delaware County

Developing drugs for pediatric rare diseases. The company focuses on discovering the genetic basis for rare diseases and develops drugs that can intervene in the affected pathways.


Korio, Inc. – Bucks County

Korio has designed an e-Clinical solution where they significantly reduce manual, service-driven processes which enables easy delivery of key areas desired by the market to enhance reusability, repeatability, performance, and quality.