Ben Franklin Tech Approvals: $900k In 4 Companies

Companies featured:


Asylon Incorporated – Montgomery County
Asylon was created to automate the future of drone technologies. Their product DroneCore, is a full-stack, automated drone solution that can provide unique real-time video and data analytics to end-users. The drone is capable of 24/7 flights and is managed autonomously by a robotic station, capable of automatically exchanging depleted batteries.
Asylon is lead by Damon Henry, co-founder and CEO, Adam Mohamed, co-founder & CTO, and Brent McLaughlin, cofounder & COO.


Docuverus – Montgomery County
The most comprehensive document authentication, ID, and income verification platform on the market today.
Docuverus is lead by Founder & CEO, Jamie Borodin


DreamVu – Philadelphia County
DreamVu is a pioneer and the leader in omnidirectional 3D vision systems. We leverage patented optics with visual imaging software to create omnidirectional 3D vision systems to solve some of the most challenging problems in vision.
DreamVu is lead by Founders Rajat Aggarwal, Rohan Bhatial and Anoop Namboodiri.


Zenapse – Bucks County
Zenapse creates emotionally intelligent experiences for marketers using our AI powered SaaS platform.  Our optimized experiences improves conversion rates and increase revenue, profit and sales.
Zenapse is lead by Matthew Bernardini – Founder and CEO