$2 Million To Support Women-Led Businesses In The Philadelphia Region

The JVS Philadelphia Fund for Women (JVS Fund), founded by Judith von Seldeneck, a nationally recognized businesswoman, committed leader, and Philadelphia entrepreneur, is accepting applications for its 3rd round of grants.

Von Seldeneck, who is also president of Diversified Search Group, noted:

The opportunity to identify and tap the exceptional talent of women-led enterprises while helping them to mature and grow is and has always been a true passion of mine.


Founded in 2021, the JVS Philadelphia Fund for Women Entrepreneurs fuels the rise of women entrepreneurs by providing direct grants to startups and early-stage companies with strong growth potential.

Its goal is to support women with capital and resources and help with growth strategies to ensure their success as women entrepreneurs who make an impact and contribute to their communities.

To date, there have been more than 250 applicants, with more than $775,000 of funds managed through a partnership with Ben Franklin Technology Partners of southeastern Pennsylvania for 15 women-owned businesses.

“Through our commitment to these organizations, we can be a source of capital to women-led enterprises, leverage the experience of established women leaders to provide consulting and advisory services, and connect women CEOs to resources to accelerate their growth,” added von Seldeneck.