CampusESP Welcomes Customer 300: University Of Kentucky

CampusESP, the leading provider of technology solutions that help colleges and universities engage parents and families, announced today that it signed its 300th customer, the University of Kentucky.


Founded in 2016, CampusESP has built a reputation as the go-to leader in parent and family engagement solutions, leading with the message that a strong family support system helps students in their search and subsequent success in college.

The University of Kentucky is no stranger to recognizing the impact of families. Nicki Jenkins, Senior Program Specialist for the Parent and Family Association, has been focused on engaging families of students for nearly 12 years. She’s reached out about events on social media, pulled together multiple newsletters a month and fielded countless phone calls. But one staff member, no matter how dedicated, could not keep up with the changing needs of families.

“The role of families and their level of engagement in the UK campus community has been on the rise for the last decade,” said Jenkins. “We are seeing more and more that families want to be in the know and want to participate in what’s happening. I think that post-COVID we are seeing families not only wanting information, but wanting information immediately.”

CampusESP will enable the university to streamline communication strategy with families and bring it all to one place where families have opportunities to participate in that communication. They can craft their own journey through the platform, and have control on what information they need and when and how they want to engage.

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