Ben Franklin Tech Approvals: $1.3M In 5 Companies

Companies featured:


Accencio – Philadelphia County

Accencio is a technology company addressing a clear unmet need within the drug discovery space through IP-GeoScape®, a fully visualized data-rich set of biological target-specific molecular landscapes.
IP-GeoScape fills a big gap in IP understanding from a structure-based perspective by algorithmically clustering relevant patent, literature and proprietary molecules with an unmatched level of precision. It offers a multi-dimensional representation of relevant molecular space, enabling novelty and patentability to be a key part of any dataset, and provides a clear understanding of where designed molecules sit.
Accencio is led by its co-founders Kevin Brown (CEO) and Kevin Brogle (CSO). The leadership team is rounded out by Michael Miller (CTO), Emma Barry (COO) and Rhonda Gilbert (Head Corporate Development).


GoWell – Montgomery County

GoWell makes health insurance benefits enrollment faster and easier.
Gowell is led by Founder, Holly Adams, Director of Operations, Lynn Seng, Technology Innovator, Meredith McGrath, and Strategic Adviser, Amanda Parness


Luxtech – Philadelphia County

LUXTECH designs, develops and engineers LED modules that enable light fixture manufacturers to enter or expand their offerings in the lighting industry’s fastest growing segment.
Luxtech is led by President/CEO Sean Darras


PolicyMap – Philadelphia County

PolicyMap helps organizations bridge the gap between data and action. Our mapping application, analytics platform, and data licensing services are built for non-GIS professionals, data-literate researchers, and everyone in between
Policy Map is led by CEO and Founder, Maggie McCullough, Chief Data Officer, Elizabeth Nash, Chief Product Development Officer, Craig Henderson, Chief Financial Officer, Matt Soloff, and Chief Customer Success Officer, Phil Vu.


Red Vector – Chester County

Red Vector delivers advanced insider risk analysis solutions used by institutions globally to reduce and eliminate threats before risks manifest.
Red Vector is led by Chief Executive Officer, Steve Layne