Ben Franklin Approved $1M in 7 Early Stage Companies

Companies featured:


WhipFlip – Delaware County

WhipFlip is disrupting the traditionally flawed process 42 million consumers face each year selling their vehicle. WhipFlip gives the consumer the power to sell their vehicle in 3 easy steps, in less than 5 minutes, right from their driveway only needing to use a smartphone. The company leverages proprietary technology aligned with how consumers transact most things today, combined with key industry partners to provide an instant transaction for most vehicles. WhipFlip believes selling a car should be as as fast and as easy as ordering a pizza.

WhipFlip is lead by its Founder & CEO Roger Clappe, a 10 year automotive technology startup veteran. WhipFlip has assembled leading automotive industry key advisors and several partnerships to help spearhead growth.

Translator – Philadelphia County

Translator builds Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) analytics software for corporations, schools, and non-profits. The company combines anonymous, experience-based technology with best in-class DEI training content to help clients measure and improve company culture, increase employee engagement and retention, and while decreasing overall enterprise risk. Translator was founded in 2016 by Natalie Egan (former CEO & Founder of Philly-based PeopleLinx – also a BFTP company) and is backed by world-class venture capital firms and angels like Osage Venture Partners, ff Venture Capital, Bumble Fund, Impact Assets, Pritzker Family Office, and many others. To see a demo of Translator please visit our website and fill in the contact form.

Translator is led by Natalie J. Egan, CEO & Founder, and Joshua Torres, CTO & Co-Founder.

BioVeras – Bucks County

BioVeras will transform the life sciences industry by using blockchain to enable trusted, immutable data to become the gold standard for collaboration with regulatory partners – increasing the speed and reducing the costs of the regulatory pathway for life sciences companies resulting in even better choices for patients and healthcare providers everywhere.

BioVeras is led by Nick Spring (CEO and Co-Founder), Paul Elisii (CFO and Co-Founder), Sebastian Napoli (CTO and Co-Founder), JeanMarie Markham (Board Director and Co-Founder).

FloBio – Philadelphia County

FloBio is pioneering a novel point-of-care diagnostic that assesses bleeding and thrombotic risk in emergency critical care patients. Rapid analysis of flowing blood has the potential to precisely identify the presence and source of blood clotting problems. Personalized management of blood clotting problems within the critical decision making window can lead to fewer patient complications, improved clinical outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.

FloBio is led by CEO, Jerri Ann Thatcher; Product Development Lead, Mark Kunkel; Product Development/Regulatory Consultant Gary Feiss; Co-Inventor, Jason Rossi; and Business Advisor, Bhavana Mohanraj. FloBio was founded by Dr. Scott L. Diamond of the University of Pennsylvania who is an advisor to the company.

Kinos Medical – Chester County

Kinos Medical unites contemporary implant design with fully integrated software to offer holistic solutions for patients with ankle arthritis. Kinos offers the first implants to recreate the natural biomechanics of the healthy ankle joint, providing improved patient satisfaction. Surgeons use our software to perform virtual surgery and create personalized implants, specific to individual patient needs. Our comprehensive implant & instrument portfolio will make ankle replacements as successful as hip and knee replacements.

Kinos Medical is led by Brian Garvey, CEO and Sorin Siegler, PhD, CTO.

Telesis Therapeutics – Philadelphia County

Telesis Therapeutics, LLC is a Philadelphia, PA based early stage Biopharmaceutical Company. We develop and commercialize breakthrough scientific discoveries acquired from research institutions and prepare these assets for clinical translation. Our mission is to identify oncology drug discoveries, and shepherd these discoveries into therapies to treat patients in need of new, more effective, therapeutic options.

We continue research and development of our preclinical asset, a novel small molecule with a unique mechanism of action. TTL-315 has been effective in treating solid tumors, demonstrating cytotoxicity and tumor shrinkage, in several animal models of aggressive breast, lung, and skin cancers. TTL-315 represents a new and innovative class of oxidative pathway disruptors, which are cytotoxic in the glucose-deprived microenvironment of solid tumors.

The first indication for this innovative technology will be pancreatic cancer, or specifically pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). PDAC has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers. On average, patients who are diagnosed with PDAC succumb to the disease within 6 months. We anticipate that TTL-315 will be an effective improvement, relative to current and emerging therapies, for the treatment of patients with PDAC and other deadly solid tumors.

Telesis Therapeutics is led by Maurice T. Hampton, Executive Chairman and CEO.

ExpressCells – Philadelphia County

ExpressCells speeds drug delivery and biological research via genetic engineering to produce custom cell lines. We use CRISPR plus our proprietary genetic vector system to create custom cells for research 75% faster than current technology. Our living cells can replicate diseases or have proteins glow in multiple colors.

ExpressCells is led by CEO & Co-Founder Matt Handel, Co-Founder & Scientific Adviser Oscar Perez-Leal, MD, and Scientific Director Shamim Naghdi, PhD.