How to apply.

Is your business ready for the next step? Do you have the plan to get it there?

Below we have assembled a brief guide to explain our investment process and how to get started. Whether your company receives investment from Ben Franklin or not, you will derive value from our thorough and transparent process.

Typical Investment Process

NOTE: This is the typical investment process; however, each sector may have nuances that deviate from the outline below. To get oriented with what each sector specifically looks for at each step, please review the guidance material and application documents below for your sector.

Information Technology

Health & Digital Health

Physical Sciences

IT Guidance Document
IT Application Document
Health & Digital Health Guidance Document
Health & Digital Health Application Document
Physical Sciences Guidance Document

Note: All review cycle dates are in guidance documents.

Let's Talk.

Before starting the formal application process, we would like to get to know you and your company so we can make some recommendations in regard to timing and investment expectations. In order to provide some context for our conversation, it is often helpful to submit an executive summary. To get the conversation started, contact information is provided below.

Submit Application

If after our initial conversation it is mutually decided the timing is right, we will e-mail you our application template. Please return the completed application and the $500.00 application fee to continue to the evaluation stage.

Guidance is provided by the Investment Group, should you need assistance.

Review Committee Day: Elevator Pitches, Demos, Q&A

After receiving your application and fee, we will invite you to pitch in front of our review committee. This meeting is attended by the Investment Director, outside industry professionals, and investors.

Due Diligence

If the company passes these steps to our satisfaction we will advance your company to formal due diligence.

All review cycle dates are in the above guidance documents.

Follow Up Presentation/Investment Recommendation

Depending on the sector, a follow-up presentation may be required to address issues found during due diligence. Again, please refer to the Guidance Documents for your sector’s specific requirement.

Get Started

Information Technology
Omar Mencin, Director of Investments

Rick Genzer, Director of Investments

Jonathan Beschen, Manager, Technology Commercialization

Jennifer Hartt, Director of Investments

Sri Sriadibhatla, Manager, Technology Commercialization

Digital Health
Jennifer Hartt, Director of Investments

Physical Sciences
Mark deGrandpre, Director of Investments