ROAR for Good Just Got its Tech Patented. Here’s What That Means for the Safety Device Company

ROAR for Good, maker of a personal safety devices for hospitality and other workers, had a challenging year as it navigated the pandemic’s impact.

CEO and cofounder Yasmine Mustafa had pivoted the company from B2B to hospitality right as COVID-19 made it one of the hardest-hit industries of 2020. But she kept her eyes on legislation requiring hotels to provide their staff with personal safety devices, and by the early this year, the company had inked a deal to get the devices into more than 11,000 hotel rooms.

This week, the company celebrated another long-sought success: A patent application for its Bluetooth-enabled, low-energy mesh network system — the tech center to its network of wearable safety devices AlwaysOn — was approved.

The technology ensures that the signal doesn’t hit blindspots that other systems are vulnerable to, Mustafa told Such systems use a lot of power, and usually rely on being plugged into the wall, the CEO said. But ROAR’s technologists were able to figure out how to run the Bluetooth technology on batteries, which allows more freedom of movement without the risk of a connection being cut off by a device being unplugged.

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