We believe no one should be afraid while trying to earn a wage and we protect vulnerable workers with indoor location tracking panic button technology to expedite response times and reduce the severity of an incident.

ROAR for Good is a mission-driven technology company dedicated to delivering leading-edge technologies that deliver safer workplaces. Designed and built from the ground up using feedback directly from employers & workers, our next-generation staff safety platform, AlwaysOn, operates on a patented BLE-mesh technology to maximize accuracy and reliability, economically and efficiently. AlwaysOn meets or exceeds all known brand, union, and legislative standards and requirements.

Sector: IT
Sub Sector: Security
Industry: Other
Status: Active
County: Philadelphia

Contact Information


Yasmine Mustafa

Co-Founder & CEO

Mahmoud Odeh


Peter Klebanoff

SVP of Business Development

Taun Chapman


Rich Nelson

VP of Product

Sebastian Rhodes

Director of Customer Operations