How ROAR for Good’s CEO is Thinking about Pivoting its Safety Device During the Pandemic

Since ROAR for Good’s founding in 2014, the wearable safety device company has been through a few changes.

CEO Yasmine Mustafa first founded the company with the Athena, a personal safety device for women who wanted a way to alert emergency contacts when they feel unsafe. At the end of 2019, the company discontinued the heralded product amid a company pivot to B2B, now applying the Athena’s technology in the hospitality space for a new product.

It was the hospitality market that ultimately checked the boxes — financially and from a social impact stance — by offering housekeepers a tool that will make them feel protected against sexual harassment or assault, a rampant problem the industry faces, cofounder Mustafa told last year. The tool, called AlwaysOn, focused on ensuring the protection of vulnerable workers by providing the most reliable, best-of-class technology to ensure help is there when needed.

But now, as the hospitality industry is taking a hit during the coronavirus pandemic, Mustafa chatted with about how she’s thinking the device could be used in the healthcare space. This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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