Oncora Medical got the Stamp of Approval from a Major Cancer Center

Houston-based MD Anderson Cancer Center, a medical institution on a push to eliminate cancer, just announced a Philly-based partner has joined its fight: health IT startup Oncora Medical.

The realLIST honoree and the Texas medical center will be exploring the “potential value of a combined product” between Oncora’s Precision Radiation Oncology Platform and Brocade, a software product developed by MD Anderson in 2014, according to a press release. In the first phase of the agreement, oncologists and IT staff at the Houston center will work with Oncora’s team of data scientists and engineers to install Oncora’s platform at the cancer-focused medical center.

“We’ve been in discussions with MD Anderson about a potential alliance for nearly 12 months,” cofounder David Lindsay told Technical.ly. “They have one of the largest radiation oncology practices in the country, and one of the best, so it was a natural fit for a company like Oncora that relies on large amounts of patient data to power our analytics.”

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