This Doctor is Giving Away her Startup’s Software to Help Health Providers Handle COVID-19 Chaos

As health care providers tackling the ongoing COVID-19 crisis face shortages of personal protective equipment and ventilators, they’re also dealing with the chaos created by an influx of critical patients and constantly changing policies and procedures.

Dr. Subha Airan-Javia wants to help them cut through the confusion. Her startup TrekIT Health will be offering a COVID-19 version of its clinical workflow tool to health care providers starting this week, free of charge.

Airan-Javia, also an associate professor at Penn Medicine, said she’s seen an influx of companies stepping up to help providers manage the current health crisis, but no one’s specifically addressed how clinicians access and record critical patient data as things go from bad to worse.

“Burnout’s always been a struggle in health care but now more than ever it’s really going to come to a head. You’re going to have more patients and less healthy clinicians that can work,” she said. “I think everyone is concerned that clinicians are going to be pushed to the brink of their breaking points.”

Airan-Javia designed the TrekIT platform based on her work as a former associate chief medical information officer at Penn Medicine. There, she tackled a problem she says happens too often: Doctors or nurses relying on printed-out patient records or handwritten notes inevitably miscommunicate about care, such as what medication a patient needs or what needs to happen before they’re discharged, putting patients at risk.

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