Fox Alum Launches Anti-Assault Pendant


ROAR For Good is a start-up company that is currently in the process of making Athena, a wearable anti assault alarm.

Currently available for pre-sale, Athena is one of the only anti assault mechanisms that cannot be used against you.

Yasmine Mustafa, a Temple alumni started ROAR for good following a solo trip to South America, where she discovered how prevalent sexual assault is around the world.

“It was how to make self defense tools better and decided to create Athena as a safer alternative to existing tools to help deter an attack and instantly get you help,” says Mustafa.

Athena has a loud and silent alarm, activated by a touch of a button. Once the alarm is set, one’s GPS location would immediately be sent to friends and family with an alert message. You can find more information here.

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