ClearSlide and PeopleLinx Announce Partnership


Guided Social Selling Now Integrates With Sales Engagement Platform

ClearSlide, the leading Sales Engagement Platform, and PeopleLinx, a leader in Guided Social Selling, today announced an integration and partnership to increase salesperson productivity and improve business results. ClearSlide and PeopleLinx will demonstrate the new integration at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago April 20-21.

PeopleLinx is integrating ClearSlide into its product to create a new omni-channel guided selling capability for customers. Using its selling recommendation engine to create personalized campaigns, PeopleLinx can now link directly to ClearSlide content and actions, such as presentations and case studies, email templates, videos, and other rich media. Sellers receive real-time notifications when ClearSlide content is opened and engaged with, providing powerful insights into which clients are responding and where they are showing interest. This unique ClearSlide customer engagement data allows sellers to prioritize their time and focus only on the most engaged opportunities.

“Sales leaders should be excited by this ClearSlide and PeopleLinx partnership,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research. “As more companies invest in a Sales Engagement Platform, there is tremendous value in more deeply integrating guided selling with real-time engagement insights that help sellers move deals along and sales leaders to forecast accurately.”

Recent research from CSO Insights shows that 60 percent of sales leaders feel that the lack of proper sales tools lengthens deal cycles, and salespeople spend more than 440 hours per year just searching for content. By bringing together ClearSlide and PeopleLinx, salespeople receive highly personalized, staged-based sales content and actions to advance deals, and sales leaders have confidence that salespeople adhere to pre-defined processes.

“We are excited to work with PeopleLinx,” said Dustin Grosse, CEO, ClearSlide. “We have mutual customers that can immediately take advantage of this integration to be more prescriptive to their sales teams. As we transform the business of selling, partnerships like this one show how more modern tools can be a key competitive differentiator in the digital selling era.”

“Every sales and marketing leader I speak to is looking for an edge,” said Kevin O’Nell, CEO, PeopleLinx. “Guided selling is becoming a top priority for many organizations, and we can accelerate much faster by working with ClearSlide’s leading Sales Engagement Platform.”

Customers can use this integration to improve salesperson productivity and performance. In addition, ClearSlide and PeopleLinx auto-log engagement activity directly to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and can be accessed on the web or mobile devices.

About ClearSlide
ClearSlide is the leading Sales Engagement Platform that powers valuable, genuine business conversations and enables sales, marketing, and customer success teams to achieve better business outcomes. ClearSlide improves customer communications (phone, email, face-to-face) by providing real-time visibility and analytics for sales and marketing leaders. As a result, customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger customer-facing messaging. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, ClearSlide serves thousands of customers, including Comcast, LinkedIn, Medtronic, Rackspace, SurveyMonkey, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, and more.

The ClearSlide platform gives sales and marketing leaders ability to interact with insight by seeing the real-time activity of their teams and deep analytics about the types of content that ultimately is most impactful with customers. For sales professionals, ClearSlide allows for easy communication with customers and prospects, whether online or in-person, using ClearSlide’s web-based and mobile applications. Please visit for more information or follow the company on Twitter @ClearSlide.

About PeopleLinx
PeopleLinx drives social selling behaviors that create, nurture, and win deals. Founded by early LinkedIn employees, PeopleLinx helps sales professionals create presence, networks, and engagement with buyers. Our award-winning technology integrates with your CRM data to deliver personalized sales guidance. Customers include Fortune 500 leaders in high-tech, finance, manufacturing, and professional services. To mobilize your team on social, visit and @PeopleLinx.