Cloudnexa Launches NaaS Solution


The well-revered cloud managed service provider, Cloudnexa, just launched a network as a service (NaaS) solution that business owners of all sizes are extoling. Joel Davne, the Philadelphia company’s CEO, explained what a NaaS is, and Cloudnexa’s version of the service specifically.

“NaaS is popular amongst our mid-market and small business customers because the infrastructure doesn’t require them to purchase network hardware or employ IT departments,” said Davne, further noting that “NaaS is completely virtual.” He went on to explain that usage is easily adjustable, which comes down to big savings for those who use the solution.

“We’ll trim network investments and time to implementation,” said Davne in a write-up on Cloudnexa’s website that thoroughly explains the company’s NaaS.

When asked about the safety of data transportation using Cloudnexa’s preferred method, Davne assured business owners that security is Cloudnexa’s top priority. “Deliveries occur through encrypted and private connections, so the solution is equipped to handle the needs of even those with the most sensitive data,” said Davne. According to his article, “the trip from data center to AWS [Amazon Web Services] will always be protected.”

Beyond security and cost savings, those who utilize Cloudnexa’s NaaS can expect to see speedy distribution, around the clock customer support availability, on-demand networking, no restrictions and cloud bridging capabilities.

To learn more about Cloudnexa’s NaaS or other cloud management services, please visit their website, or call 800-724-4157.

About Cloudnexa
Cloudnexa is an internationally recognized AWS Premier Partner based in Philadelphia, PA that utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist clients in surpassing their business and IT goals. The winner of the prestigious 2015 Frost & Sullivan award for excellence in cloud management services, and 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor for Cloud Management, Cloudnexa, exhibits years of experience and expertise advising clients, as their needs pertain to success within the cloud platform.

Their patented vNOC platform enhances the AWS environment and allows users to streamline functions in a single, simple user-friendly interface.

For more information regarding Cloudnexa or their vNOC environment, please visit their website at