Oncora Medical could soon change how doctors treat cancer patients

Oncora Medical

Oncora Medical is showing all the signs of a startup about to rattle the marketplace to its core, says the company’s Dreamit Health mentor Steve Barsh.

“They’re a great team solving a really big problem,” he said, not to mention Oncora just raised $1.2 million in seed capital from San Francisco-based iSeed Ventures, Philadelphia’s BioAdvance and angel funding from Dr. Thomas Mackie, among others.

Oncora is building a platform that will allow oncologists to easily access and analyze essential data for their patients. The product is not quite ready for market, but cofounder David Lindsay said the capital will go toward his platform’s development.

“All of our energy right now is going into building an incredible product,” he said. “Now we have the financial ability to hire an excellent team. We can start taking all the exciting ideas for the product and start implementing them.”

indsay, 26, is a former medical student at the University of Pennsylvania who dropped out to build Oncora. He was on the verge of completion, though, and he said he has every intention of returning to finish his degree.

“I had to put some of those dreams on hold,” he said.

Oncora has a SaaS business model, through which its platform is sold directly to radiation oncology departments. Lindsay said he’s in talks with some local health care providers, but since Oncora has yet to roll out, he declined to disclose which ones.

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