How My MilkCrate scored a sweet deal for ads on 50 Philly taxis


The advice: find partners that believe in your mission.

My MilkCrate (née MilkCrate) raised $255,000 from Investors’ Circle, Ben Franklin Technology Partners and angel investors. But most of that capital is going toward product development, not marketing for the sustainable business finder. So they have to get creative.

milkcrate-app-e1457625929930Here’s one way: partner with a local business that believes in your mission.

For My Milkcrate, that was Freedom Taxi, an all-hybrid fleet that was on board with the company’s sustainable focus and agreed to an ad swap. My MilkCrate got its ads on 50 cabs and, in exchange, offered Freedom Taxi a free premium account on its site, My MilkCrate’s Caitlin Honan told us.

We’ve been noticing more and more startups go the old-fashioned marketing route. Delivery service goPuff is perhaps the most ubiquitous, with its bus wraps.

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