WizeHive upgraded to a new Zengine!

Keystone Edge | Juliana Reyes | September 24, 2014


WizeHive’s next act: helping small businesses collect, track data

WizeHive-logoThe venture-backed company’s latest product, Zengine, looks to fill the gap between spreadsheets and Salesforce.

WizeHive, the Conshohocken startup cofounded by DreamIt Ventures cofounder Mike Levinson, wants to help small businesses collect and track their data.

Its newest product, Zengine, lets users create custom business apps, like a hiring app that lets prospective staffers submit relevant information, rather than them just emailing their resumes to a company and all that data being stored in email, or one that tracks revenue streams and expenditures.

Levinson said he wants it to fill the gap between spreadsheets (too elementary) and Salesforce (too expensive and for the more technically-savvy).

The venture-backed company, founded in 2009 by Levinson and Mike Carson, got its start as a platform that helps organizations accept, review and award grants and scholarships. The company has more than 500 paying customers and processes more than 1 million applications for organizations like Consumer Electronics, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and various United Ways, Levinson said. He declined to share revenue figures.

But Levinson sees Zengine, over time, becoming the company’s “base.” While WizeHive is currently building custom plugins for its Zengine customers, he plans to create a plugin marketplace to sell plugins that other developers make.

Zengine’s current customers are a mix of those using the service for free in this early period and those who are paying. The customers who are paying are the ones using the HIPAA-compliant version of Zengine: groups of nurses at teaching hospitals, Levinson said.

WizeHive has 25 employees and is moving to a bigger, 5,000-square-foot Conshohocken office later this week.

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