Montco SWAT Wields The Power of Dragonforce

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Montgomery County PA’s Department of Public Safety Adopts DragonForce to Improve Emergency Response Operations

drakontas_logosmallDragonForce transforms ordinary smartphones, tablets and web browsers into powerful public safety tools with an integrated set of collaboration capabilities including: personnel tracking, file sharing, text messaging, digital forms and white-boarding on maps, floor plans and photos.

Drakontas LLC, a Glenside, PA based software company is pleased to announce that Montgomery County’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) has deployed their DragonForce command and control, team collaboration software for use by the county’s SWAT teams and emergency operations center.

The DragonForce app runs on smartphones, tablets and web browsers, empowering public safety teams to more quickly and effectively respond to both day-to-day and emergency incidents. By utilizing DragonForce’s collaborative tools, emergency response personnel can quickly communicate the exact location and nature of an incident while responders are en route, allowing them to engage immediately upon arrival at the scene. DragonForce provides responders a “common operating picture” allowing them to visualize the location of both friendly and hostile actors in an active shooter situation or to draw up an emergency response plan in seconds.

DragonForce transforms standard smartphones and tablets into public safety grade collaboration tools with its integrated set of collaboration features, which include: real-time personnel tracking, file sharing, text messaging, electronic forms, and a unique team whiteboarding capability that enables multiple users to draw on any map, floor plan or picture, at the same time. Watch the DragonForce demo video at:

“We are very excited about welcoming Montgomery County DPS to Team DragonForce” says James Sim, president of Drakontas LLC. “We have been working for many years with the US Department of Justice to bring affordable, mission critical communication and collaboration tools to public safety agencies, and having the opportunity to serve the local community that we work in and that many of our employee’s live in is a special honor for us.”

In addition to standard DragonForce accounts for day-to-day public safety operations the County has purchased the DragonForce Surge option so that hundreds of additional public safety personnel can be brought online immediately in the event of a major event such as a snow storm or large scale emergency. This capacity is made possible by DragonForce’s ease of use and deployment. Responders can download DragonForce onto their iPhone or Android devices just like any other app and then log in securely with a username and password.

“This is a powerful tool and we’re excited to be able to offer it to our emergency response partners,” Montgomery County Department of Public Safety Director Tom Sullivan said. “DragonForce will let everyone responding to a major incident know what is happening, where other responders are and what they are seeing and doing, all in real time.”

DragonForce’s features were developed by participating in embedded exercises with dozens of public safety teams through research conducted by Drakontas for the US Department of Defense and US Department of Justice studying the impact of advanced communications tools on public safety operations. Now capabilities that were recently only accessible by elite military units are available to public safety agencies and private security organizations of any size using devices their personnel are already carrying. DragonForce can support ten to thousands of users. Cloud-based deployments cost as little as $50 per user per year to operate.

About Drakontas
Drakontas is a Philadelphia area based software company that develops team collaboration software applications for public safety and enterprise customers. For more information about the DragonForce command and control app or to arrange an interactive demonstration please contact Drakontas President James Sim jjsim(at)drakontas(dot)com 215.222.1775