Dell Boomi Joins Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem, Provides Enterprise-Ready Data on Demand

Source: Dell Boomi Blog

Real-time access to business-critical data is a huge, multifaceted challenge for today’s companies. Data must be integrated across both cloud-based and on-premises (or even legacy) apps, it must be high quality, and it must be accessible.

Dell-Boomi-200pxIn a major step forward, Dell Boomi today joined the Salesforce Analytics Cloud Ecosystem to enable customers to connect any application—whether in the cloud, on-premises, mobile or social—to provide access to the critical data that supports a company’s strategic business analytics initiatives. Whether you need data in real time, on demand, or on a schedule, Dell Boomi AtomSphere® brings business-critical data into the Salesforce Analytics Cloud platform.

“The value of Big Data: How analytics differentiates winners,” a study by Bain, noted that “56% of…companies [surveyed] didn’t have the right systems to capture the data they needed or weren’t collecting useful data, and 66% lacked the right technology to store and access data.”*

Because AtomSphere is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), it enables the connection of any combination of data sources—whether they’re cloud-based or on-premises, pulled in batches or in real time—from anywhere and at any time. And thanks to the Dell Boomi’s centralized management, you can monitor and manage your integrations from anywhere, at any time.

Supporting Critical Business Processes

We’ve worked with thousands of customers and partners worldwide. And we’ve seen that integration is about more than just technology—it’s about enabling our customers to connect their applications and data end-to-end to support critical business processes.

As an iPaaS, AtomSphere speeds time to value for integration by removing integration obstacles, so you can focus on using Salesforce Analytics Cloud to gain insight into your business. To help you access the data you need—quickly—Dell Boomi supports hundreds of pre-built connectors for integrating cloud apps, legacy enterprise apps, database, mobile and web services.

AtomSphere and MDM Harness the Power of Analytics Cloud

Of course, for the best business insights across your organization, that data needs to be high quality. With Dell Boomi AtomSphere and Dell Boomi MDM, our single-platform solution for integration and master data management brings high-quality, high-value, enriched data into Salesforce Analytics Cloud, whenever it’s needed across the enterprise. Allowing every business user to instantly and confidently gain business insights from data, from multiple sources, from any device.