Delaware Nabbed Part Of A Regional EDA Tech Hubs Designation

Wilmington is part of the Greater Philadelphia Region Precision Medicine Tech Hub, led by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA. Here’s what comes next.

It’s official, Delaware: We’re a tech hub. Part of one, at least.

The US Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) Tech Hubs program is an effort by the federal government to help regions beyond Silicon Valley and Boston become global competitors as the US expands into high-tech manufacturing.

Back in July, as the deadline for applications for the Tech Hubs program drew near, talked to several technologists and economic development leaders about Delaware strategies for landing a tech hub designation — and whether the state should join a regional consortium or try to designate the state on its own.

The response across the board was that Delaware needs to be a collaborator, especially when it comes to Philadelphia.

Today, the Biden-Harris administration, through the EDA, announced that out of nearly 400 applicants, 31 Tech Hubs across 32 states had been selected, and Delaware is on the list — as part of the Greater Philadelphia Region Precision Medicine Tech Hub, led by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA.

This official designation concludes Phase 1 of the Tech Hubs program. In Phase 2, which effectively began as soon as the initial hubs were selected, the designees are now eligible to apply for strategy implementation funding from the CHIPS and Science Act. The US Department of Commerce has launched a Tech Hubs Notice of Funding Opportunity, allowing the 31 designated hubs to apply to receive between $40 million and $70 million each.

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