Delaware AI Startup WhipFlip Keeps Streamlining The Used Vehicle Industry

The DoorDash-inspired car selling platform is now ready to raise its first institutional round — and founder Roger Clappe intends to stay in the state as the company scales.

Back in 2021, before “AI” was the hot topic it’s been since OpenAI launched ChatGPT-3, Roger Clappe founded an AI company called WhipFlip.

The company — a 2022 RealLIST Startups honoree in Delaware and a recent finalist for the PACT Enterprise Awards Startup of the Year — doesn’t have tech that answers text questions or writes haikus with too many syllables or creates uncanny artwork.

Instead: “We’re an AI technology company that happens to buy cars,” Clappe said to

Using WhipFlip’s AI app, customers submit photos of the vehicle they’re selling along with some information via text. Its proprietary AI tool can determine the car’s condition history and current value, and shows an offer amount in seconds. Inspired by the DoorDash model, a concierge service comes to them to pick up the car to be delivered to a dealer for resale.

Over the last year and a half since WhipFlip was named to’s RealLIST, it’s also been developing a service-level app for dealers to buy and sell cars, or use for appraisal. That’s slated to launch next year.

“We’ve kind of created this ecosystem,” Clappe said. “We make the car selling process super easy for consumers, and that’s absolutely the core of what we do, but we also take unwanted inventory from the dealers and we also replenish them with needed inventory, because there still is somewhat of a shortage, especially in quality used cars” following supply chain disruptions that started in 2020.

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