Seating for a Higher Order


With his Eminence’s papal visit to Philadelphia, prioritizing seating and tracking tickets required divine innovation.

The Holy Father joined us in Philadelphia, September 26-27. The rare and important visit was one of the largest attended public/private gatherings on the East Coast.

Pope Francis’ monumental visit yielded an unprecedented number of tickets for the thousands of attendees who all gathered in Philadelphia to see him. Organizing seating at multiple events for so many influential guests could have been a logistically-complex and time-consuming process. Instead, organizers were able to utilize Zengine, WizeHive’s cloud-based database software, to collect, prioritize and process the seating assignments.

“The team at WizeHive was truly honored to be asked to help make the Pope’s sold-out visit a success. We used Zengine to configure a database in just a few hours that was able to collect and manage the ticket requests. Then, using Zengine’s open architecture we were able to create plugins that seamlessly integrated with a seating assignment tool, as well as the barcodes from the printed tickets. The Zengine platform provided the flexibility and security, and our extensible technology allowed us to build a system to spec in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build it with a traditional IT approach,” according to CEO, Michael Levinson.

About WizeHive and Zengine
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Zengine™ is WizeHive’s extensible cloud-based platform that empowers a non-technical person to quickly build custom business applications while allowing developers to add integration and workflow functionality. Small, midsize businesses and teams utilize Zengine to track customers, applicants, projects or more, in order to replace their paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets and rigid software products.

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