Fishbox’s Napoleon Suarez is Finding Ways to Deliver During a Year of Constant Change

As the son of two people who met while serving in the Navy, Fishbox founder and CEO Napoleon Suarez was determined to find a way to earn his own money in high school. He couldn’t see his parents shelling out $100 for the new sneakers he wanted and had to get creative.

He noticed that many of the kids he knew in his Brown Mills, New Jersey neighborhood had paper routes and knew that working as a paperboy would be his way to extra money. The only problem was there were 50 people ahead of him on the list of available paper routes.

“The [main] way to get a paper route was to get on a list and you had to apply,” Suarez told “The next best way was to get referred by somebody that already had a route. That was how most people got a paper route.”

Suarez talked to every paperboy in his neighborhood for a referral and learned that two people were moving. In a twist of creativity, he went to the district sales manager and asked if he could pick up both of their routes and combine them together. He also realized that he would be saving the district sales manager the time it took to do two different interviews. Impressed by Suarez’s ingenuity, the manager agreed.

From that point on, Suarez knew he wanted to have his own business.

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