RealLIST Engineers 2020: Meet 21 Influential Technologists Building a Better Philadelphia

This year has presented plenty of problems for us both as people and as professionals.

We’ve watched a global pandemic change so much about how we navigate our personal and work lives, and a social and racial justice movement bring to light the many flaws in our existing systems. It’s upended how and where we work, and made us ask: What are we doing it for?

It sounds like a time when we need technologists. So at, we’re excited to roll out another addition of our RealLIST series — the second annual RealLIST Engineers — spotlighting those who are solving problems every day. Below, you’ll find our collection of software and IT pros nominated for their problem-solving prowess in solving technical challenges and their work to spread skills and motivation throughout the community.

This year’s honorees are creating, maintaining and securing the software and infrastructure that’s being built here in Philadelphia each day. Some come from esteemed higher ed backgrounds, while others are self-taught, but they’re powering the local tech industry as a whole. Whether they keep a busy meetup group going, have a passion for expanding the talent pipeline or work internally to inspire innovation in new devs, this group holds some of the “real”-est engineering folks we know.

Shoutout to our companies and partners mentioned:
Georgia Griggs, VP of R&D, Avisi Technologies
Shahrukh Tarapore, head of engineering, Arcweb Technologies
Matthew Weiss, manager of engineering, NeuroFlow

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