Meet the Tiny Philadelphia Startup Behind Joe Biden’s Victory Drone Show

As the world’s eyes were transfixed on Wilmington last weekend for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory celebration, viewers watched as the post-speech fireworks show was upstaged by a high-tech drone light show. Red, white and blue lights moved across the night sky in sync, taking the shape of a map of the United States, the Biden campaign logo and the words “President-elect.”

Cable news anchors marveled over the scene, with at least one suggesting tech giant Intel could be powering the impressive show since it’s been behind similar events in the past.

They were wrong.

The entire spectacle was the work of a Philadelphia startup, Verge Aero. The small team — made up of CEO Nils Thorjussen, three engineers out of Rowan University and a few technicians — have been quietly building their drone light show business at the Pennovation Center in West Philadelphia over the past four years.

Verge Aero has stepped out into the spotlight in the past year, making news in April for putting on a show for health care workers above West Philadelphia’s hospitals. Locally, it’s also been behind promo light shows for Q102 and the Eagles, and has sent technicians to Germany and New York in just the past week to promote commercial launches, including for the Xbox Series X and other radio stations.

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