Zuppler Launches Menu Anywhere On-Premise Contactless Ordering Solution for the Food Service Industry

Zuppler, a global software and services company focused on empowering solutions for the food services industry, today launched Menu Anywhere On-Premise Contactless Ordering on the Zuppler “Menu Anywhere” Platform, offering an on-premises contactless ordering solution for the $900 billion US food service industry.

With applications for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, live events – everywhere menus are provided – this new offering limits contacts between guests, wait-staff and the kitchen, allowing customers to use their mobile device to engage with digitally-enabled, dynamic menus that send orders directly to the kitchen, as well as pay their bills, bringing a much-desired, heightened level of safety to guests and staff.

Menu Anywhere On-Premise enables a personalized and highly interactive experience allowing customers to track the status of their orders, see prior orders and favorite items; while providing dining establishments the ability to serve guests with limited staff, update menus and specials in real-time, capture order history, encourage guests to enroll in loyalty programs, and allow for more efficient operations.

“As restaurants, hotels, schools, live events and workplaces return in stages across the country, we know that the reimagined dine-in experience for millions of consumers will require significant change. We are excited to add this new on-premise innovation to Zuppler’s “Menu Anywhere” offerings to power food service operators with a safe, secure, personalized and innovative menu tool that gives consumers what they desperately want: a return to good food with the experience of eating outside the home in a safe manner,” said Shiva Srinivasan, Founder and CEO.

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