Exclusive: Plans for New Bacteria-Fighting Oral Hygiene Products Will Use This Ft. Washington Company’s Technology

A Montgomery County medical device company signed an exclusive licensing agreement Monday that will bring its patented bacteria-fighting technology to the dental industry.

Financial terms of the deal between PhotoSonix Medical of Fort Washington and Goldspire Group Ltd., the Hong Kong-based maker of the patented Megasonex brand of ultrasonic toothbrushes and other oral hygiene products, are being kept confidential.

PhotoSonix’s technology platform, which involves no medicine, combines ultrasound energy and phototherapy technology to target and destroy undesirable bacteria. The company is initially developing its device as an acne treatment.

“We are the only company with a device that can kill bacteria on the skin or in the throat or in the nose,” said Mark E. Schafer, the co-founder and chief technology officer of PhotoSonix. “You may see others claim they do, but there is always an asterisk, and that asterisk will say their device can kill bacteria in a test tube.”

The problem with that, Schafer said, is bacteria reacts differently in a person where bacteria has defense mechanisms it employs to survive.

PhotoSonix’s CLENS device — which is a little bigger than an electric razor — uses a combination of ultrasound energy to stimulate the chemical compounds in bacteria and photodynamic or blue light therapy to kill the bacteria.

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