With backing from Capital One, This Startup is Working on an Edtech Platform for Refugees

A $150,000 check from Capital One will let Philly-based Choosito continue to develop and deploy its edtech platform for refugee children as it makes it way through the XPRIZE IBM Watson competition.

Choosito, an alum of IC@3401, is one of the 30 finalists in the four-year global competition, which aims to find impactful use cases for artificial intelligence technologies to take on problems in education, environment, health, society and infrastructure.

“As a top contender for the final XPRIZE competition, we are delighted to have the support of Capital One.” said Eleni Miltsakaki, founder and CEO of Choosito and an adjunct professor of educational technology at the University of Pennsylvania. “Through their generous sponsorship, we are able to reach more underserved refugee children to improve their lives and livelihoods.”

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