CloudMine Builds Role as a Strategic Player as Healthcare Organizations’ Data Needs Deepen

Since Philadelphia-based CloudMine‘s launch in 2011, it has sought to offer specialized services for the pharma and healthcare industries to make it easier to develop, test, deploy and manage their mobile applications. These services are seen as a growth area for health IT vendors and nonhealthcare technology companies alike.

In a new chapter of the business, it added a new CEO last month with an eye to expanding the services it offers to healthcare organizations, as cofounder Brendan McCorkle shifted to a chief innovation officer and president role.

Stephen Wray, who became CEO, has a career steeped in healthcare marketing and advertising. He started at what was then Wyeth in advertising and later moved to Ogilvy Healthworld. More recently he served at MNG Direct, a health IT company that connects life sciences companies with healthcare professionals and headed up the life sciences group at Cadient Group. He said in a phone interview that he takes pride in being able to spot trends and predict the next meaningful transformation in the healthcare industry.

CloudMine regards itself as a way to help providers develop and advance software tools they construct or adapt.

“We will enable organizations to look forward and we can help them meet their strategic needs,” Wray said. “We will be seen not only as a vehicle to the connected health cloud but also we will be able to work strategically with customers to help providers develop their own tools.”

Although he acknowledged that multinational companies want a cut of the cloud provider business themselves, Wray said a niche player like CloudMine could offer a superior service with its speed, agility and knowledge of the industry and by addressing healthcare security needs.

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