Morgan Berman is Leaving Milkcrate as CEO to Run a Nonprofit. Here’s Why

Since launching locally in December 2019, Life Science Cares Philadelphia (LSC) has become known for connecting life sciences companies to poverty-reducing causes. With its former executive director Pete Wolf retiring, the nonprofit has found a new ED in entrepreneur Morgan Berman.

Yes — that’s MilkCrate CEO and outspoken social entrepreneurship advocate Morgan Berman. And yes, it means she’s leaving the software firm she founded eight years ago.

LSC connects local life science companies to nonprofits through volunteering opportunities such as clothing drives and mentorship. That includes its Project Onramp program that brings paid life science internships to low-income, first-gen college students. Meanwhile, MilkCrate launched in 2013 as a single app that allowed users to track their sustainability efforts, then pivoted to building custom apps for nonprofits and other mission-driven orgs, with an emphasis on tracking engagement.

Berman told her decision to join LSC as executive director was an extension of the work she has done with MilkCrate, through which she’s consistently looked for ways to find solutions to community issues through a for-profit model. A recent example is the Glitter app, a collaboration with social advocate and sanitation worker Terrill Haigler to incentivize Philadelphians to keep their neighborhoods clean.

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