Meet the Philly technologists up for 2017 Philly Geek Awards

At last year’s Philly Geek Awards, the evening was a whirlwind of Philly’s most passionate people.

From technologists to impact leaders, from game developers to nonprofits, the geeked-out gala is back Aug. 26 and we now have the list of nominees you told us about.

The full list of nominees is available but we’ve gone ahead and rounded up a few tech related ones for ya:

Startup of the Year

FixList: The realLIST honoree, which just came out of the Ben Franklin/Village Capital fintech accelerator, uses data to map some 600,000 real estate locations across the city.

Keriton: Vidur Bhatnagar’s startup raised $1 million to make sure babies keep breastfeeding in neonatal ICUs. It just deployed its platform at Penn Hospital.

Oncora Medical: This health IT company focusing on precision radiology recently landed an interesting partnership with Texas-based MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Technologist of the Year

Basil Harris: The founder of Basil Leaf Technologies led a team of researchers to the top of a world-class XPRIZE competition to develop a Star Trek–inspired medical device.

Lauren Ancona: The winner of our v prestigious NET/WORK award for Best Twitter Account is a Program Manager of Feedback Analytics at the General Services Administration who has also worked for the City of Philadelphia.

Lloyd Emelle: the Code for Philly co-captain is is a frequent contributor to open data projects, including CyclePhilly.

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