Old City’s Habitat Logistics Wants to Keep Restaurants Open and Employ Delivery People

Food delivery startup Habitat Logistics, makers of an app that connects restaurants with delivery service, is ramping up efforts this week as the City of Philadelphia officially banned restaurants and bars from offering dine-in service amid trying to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Old City-based company, which currently employs about 25 people, set up shop around Temple University about five years ago as a food delivery service akin to Grubhub or Caviar. But when competitor Zoomer closed in 2017, the startup assessed its services and pivoted slightly: Instead of a consumer-facing product, Habitat’s services are now exclusively for restaurants seeking delivery service, offered via individual drivers or bike couriers.

Customers now put in an order to a restaurant, and the restaurant will use Habitat’s app to deploy a delivery person. They’ve been chugging along for about three years, steadily, CEO and cofounder Andrew Nakkache told Technical.ly.

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