Local startup MilkCrate Nabs Several New Clients, Including Comcast


MilkCrate, a Philadelphia-based startup nearly four years in the making, has announced several major new clients, including Comcast.

Founder Morgan Berman announced last Thursday that Comcast will introduce its app to a pilot group of employees this spring. A larger roll-out later this year is expected to follow the pilot.

“Comcast wants employees to learn how to be more sustainable at work and at home,” said Berman. She told the morgan-bermanPhiladelphia Business Journal that the MilkCrate app is “a Fitbit for doing good.”

When Berman first debuted MilkCrate in 2014,, the app tried to offer consumers a way to easily locate environmentally friendly businesses in the city. However, soon after, Berman pivoted the company and shifted both its client focus and adjusted the app’s functionality.

Now, MilkCrate offers companies a way to encourage their employees to make choices that are more sustainable and earn rewards for doing so. The app mimics the health care initiatives that many major companies have recently incorporated, such as tracking gym visits, the number of steps walked, and other health measures. The app offers something that many corporate social responsibility teams struggle with – data and analytics tracking.

Along with Comcast, Berman also announced several other clients have signed on. The Sustainable Business Network, a local company that serves as a resource for other firms, will adopt MilkCrate. Furthermore, Benjamin’s Desk, the co-working space where MilkCrate bases its operations, will use the app. Philadelphia University, Berman’s Alma Mater, already underwent a pilot program and will expand the app to its students this spring.

Read the full article in the Philadelphia Business Journal.