MilkCrate for Communities comes to Philadelphia University


A week from Thanksgiving, MilkCrate CEO Morgan Berman published an article titled “A bevy of thank yous and news” in which she announced the company would be pivoting toward a business to-business model under the MilkCrate for Communities platform.

“Free sustainable lifestyle consumer app? Not anymore! Welcome to the world of B2B enterprise software and the CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] industry,” Berman wrote.

Essentially, the company will now be offering other businesses a chance to turn their communities (think students, staffers, clients, etc.) onto the world of sustainability, by way of the same app MilkCrate has been promoting for two years now. The inaugural customer under the new model is Philadelphia University, which has been running a pilot test since October.

Invitations have been sent to some 170 students (of which 53 have joined the platform so far). Come January, the platform will be released in full to the institution’s 3,500 students.

Non-enterprise members will still have access to the app’s database of sustainable businesses, but much of the gamified functionality (challenges, racking up points) will be saved for users who are part of an organization.

But why the pivot? Berman said there were “pain points” in the original business-to-consumer (B2C) approach she has been stumping for since the company began.

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