ZSX Medical wins $100K at angel group Keiretsu Forum’s annual expo


ZSX Medical, a medical device company based out of a life sciences coworking space on Drexel’s campus, won the top prize — a $100,000 investment — at the Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic’s fourth annual Angel Capital Expo on Wednesday.

At the angel group’s expo, held at Drexel University’s Bossone Research Center, 15 companies pitched. Following the presentations, attendees voted on their favorite companies by placing their three “$1 million bills” into the “bank” of one to three companies and “$500 bills” into the bank for their favorite student idea. [Editor’s note: A lot like the Philly Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo setup, which insurance company Margo won last spring.] The company with the most million dollar bills walked away with bragging rights as the “Most Valued Company” and an oversized check from Keiretsu for $100,000 (presumably, the smaller check will come after an agreement is signed).

The student winner was Elite Pureed Meals, founded by Ellen McCloskey, a Delaware County Community College night student and full-time home caregiver who won the West Chester University Annual Business Idea Competition. The company makes pureed meals shaped to look like the food before it was pureed for people with swallowing difficulties. McCloskey took home $25,000 worth of professional services provided by the expo’s sponsors.

The expo is Keiretsu Forum’s signature event bringing together investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Drexel has been a supporter of the expo since the beginning and this year, the Drexel University’s Close College of Entrepreneurship stepped up to be the lead hosting sponsor.

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