PhotoSonix Medical brings in over $1.4 million in funding for acne treatment device


PhotoSonix Medical, Inc. announced today that it has received over $1.4M to advance development of its CLENS device for treating acne. The device system is designed to use light and ultrasound to destroy up to 90 percent of the bacteria that causes acne.

The light energy stimulates production of toxic oxygen radicals, which kill the bacteria, and the treatment also enhances healing as ultrasound increases blood flow and tissue remodeling.

The round of financing was led by Princeton BioPharma Capital Partners and included participation from a group of healthcare executives and entrepreneurs – Ben Franklin Technology Partners in Pennsylvania are expected to invest as well.

Tackling acne can be a very challenging process, and it affects more than 20 million people a year – both teens and adults. Having a non-antibiotic form of treatment is very marketable, considering many do not respond to topical or oral medication solutions.