4 Facts Confirming Philadelphia’s Status of Hot Investment Destination


Philadelphia is one of the most promising real estate markets in the United States, and supporting facts emerge from time to time. Today, we bring for you hottest statistics of 2015-16 to paint a true picture of real estate potential of Philadelphia.

Read on and discover this year’s findings that answer why the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is becoming a favorite for investors:

#3 on list of 52 best places to visit in 2015    

The recognition hasn’t come from some unheard-of source. The New York Times itself has given the city #3 spot on the list of ‘52 best places to visit in 2015’. Philadelphia is below top travel destinations like Cuba and Milan. This means international community is recognizing Philadelphia’s potential as a travel destination.

This is great news for local real estate market as it is common knowledge that global travel destinations have high real estate value. Check out the complete list from New York Times.

Recognition from Travel + Leisure

Philadelphia is more than just World Heritage City with lucrative real estate market. In recent times, it has also gained recognition as the go-to place for foodies interested in unique tastes.

Travelandleisure.com made the mention in its magazine while highlighting popular local restaurants and eateries. Here is the coverage mentioned by the popular PhillyMag. While this doesn’t directly influence real estate, it shows that Philadelphia is gaining acceptance for vast range of reasons.

Loved by local graduates

It is noteworthy that students who graduate from colleges in Philadelphia look forward to pursuing careers in the city or nearby regions. Survey conducted by Campus Philly state impressive numbers in this regard.

This survey shows that young educated professionals consider Philadelphia as a suitable destination to pursue careers and settle down. This is good news for local real estate as these graduates will soon become potential home buyers. Check out the complete report from Campus Philly.

#2 in population among US downtowns

Philadelphia is growing and there is no better indicator of it than State of Center City 2015 annual report. The Central Philadelphia occupies second spot (Midtown Manhattan being #1) in terms of urban density.

If population is growing, then, opportunities too are coming up. SoNo certainly has to be most recent and talked-about venture in the Philadelphia region. The structure located near NRIA’s investment property “The Quarters at Fairmount” brings unique offerings in terms of recruitment, branding, and collaboration.

Philadelphia is evolving quickly, and recognitions from established bodies confirm its promising nature in terms of investment.

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