Duxbury brings Rajant's kinetic mesh tech to SA


Rajant has appointed Duxbury Networking to distribute its kinetic mesh technology to the South African market.

Andy Robb, chief technology officer at Duxbury Networking, says Duxbury will deliver kinetic mesh technology to mining and transport industries, Internet service providers, and telecommunications companies.

Duxbury Networking will be offering Rajant solutions to end-users via its reseller and dealer channel network and also offer technical backup and extensive pre-and post-sales support, he adds.

The technology has many opportunities for adoption in Africa, says Robb.

Businesses in Africa will have the opportunity to gain access to kinetic mesh networks and the advantages of the technology will – for the first time – become more pervasive throughout the sub-continent, he continues.

Kinetic mesh technology is gaining acceptance as it enables organisations to deploy networks into places where communications infrastructures have been destroyed or damaged, says Robb.

In addition, it helps in quickly moving networks into places where they have not previously existed.

Robb points out in disaster scenarios, as well as other types of environments, any communications infrastructure needs to deliver throughput and scalability.

Kinetic wireless mesh technology achieves this and facilitates ‘always-on’ communications allowing critical applications to be accessed in real time, he says.

According to Robb, the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York was followed by the devastating failure of the city’s communications infrastructure.

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