Tennessee Launches Statewide Portal Dedicated to Adult Learners


Powered by software from AcademyOne, the University of Tennessee System, the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission collaborated to launch a portal dedicated to adult learners called Tennessee Reconnect.

The site is designed to help adults explore higher education opportunities allowing them to gain new skills, advance in the workplace, or fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential.

Tennessee Reconnect is part of the larger “Drive to 55” campaign to increase the number of adults in the state with a postsecondary credential from 32% to 55% by 2025. Currently, Tennessee has between 900,000 and 1 million adults with some college credit, but no degree.

Tennessee Reconnect is an integral part of re-engaging students and helping them finish their education. The portal simplifies the exchange of information for adult learners by giving them a single gateway to the learning opportunities available in the state. The information available includes resources, processes and tools that transcend institutional boundaries. Tennessee Reconnect will help adults explore and enroll in a Tennessee higher education program that best supports their career aspirations. There are 22 public and 16 private participating institutions .

“Governor Haslam has made higher education a top priority of his administration, and we are proud to partner with Tennessee on this initiative,” says Mike McIntyre, AcademyOne President and Chief Operating Officer. “Tennessee is opening doors to adult learners that want a second chance to either gain new skills, improve their job options or simply fulfill their dreams of completing a degree. This initiative parallels with our mission to support nontraditional learners and assist states and institutions in improving degree completion rates.”

About Tennessee’s Statewide Higher Education Initiatives
The entire Tennessee educational community is engaged in a collaborative, concerted effort to encourage college enrollment, ease transfer throughout the state’s public and private colleges and universities, encourage near-completers to return to college and obtain a degree, and to increase retention and graduation rates while decreasing time to completion statewide.

About AcademyOne
AcademyOne is a software development and consulting firm focused on helping the higher education industry achieve more successful outcomes. We deliver tailored solutions to statewide education systems and institutions looking to improve student retention and degree completion rates, especially among the growing population of nontraditional learners.