Gyrotron Technology Inc. Announces Availability of Improved GLS System for High Speed Autoclave-Free Laminating


Gyrotron Technology Inc. (GYTI), an industrial process technology company, announced today the availability of its newly improved GLS system for high-speed autoclave free laminating.

The GLS technology and equipment is designed for producing a very broad range of laminated glass product, is fully automated and easy to operate, and offers substantial benefits, including reductions in capital costs, labor, energy, and floor space. The GLS can process virtually any size and variation of glass thickness and the laminating cycle generally is the range of two to six minutes, depending on dimensions.

The improved GLS system is highly cost-effective, suitable for both larger and smaller companies, and is the best option for expanding your laminating business or bringing it in-house. For more information about GLS autoclave-free laminating technology and equipment please visit our website

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