Neat Unveils Latest Additions to its Small Business Offerings


Neat®, a leader in Smart Organization Solutions for the small business, continues to enhance its portfolio of tools by introducing a number of innovative features and upgrades designed for small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

Adding to the company’s existing offerings for small businesses, Neat is enhancing their integration with QuickBooks® Online, increasing the number of third-party devices with which its software is compatible, expanding its parsing technology to include invoices, and significantly improving the parsing accuracy of vendor names.

In addition to a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, these new features will give small businesses better functionality and a more advanced user experience when employing Neat’s solutions in their operations. Ensuring that small-business owners and entrepreneurs are equipped with the most efficient solutions to run their business is Neat’s paramount objective.

Neat’s recent product enhancements for its small business solutions include:

  • Enhanced integrations with QuickBooks Online – In addition to being able to map vendor, payment type, employee and category fields with Neat, users can now also map items, classes and projects to better accommodate the needs of a broader set of small businesses.
  • Compatibility with third-party TWAIN devices – Neat is now compatible with all TWAIN devices, TWAIN referring to the type of driver that certain scanners use. While Neat was already compatible with Panasonic and HP scanners, Neat software will now work seamlessly with any device that employs a TWAIN driver, allowing more small businesses to easily adopt Neat into their workflows.
  • Invoice parsing – Neat’s InDocument Identification Technology™ extracts key information from receipts, business cards and other documents – and now it works on invoices, too. This innovative capability extracts pertinent data from invoices, including invoice number, data, amount, terms and more.
  • Increased accuracy for vendor parsing – While Neat’s intelligent software has always identified vendor name from receipts, its capacity to recognize names was limited to more well-known vendors. Now, Neat’s software can determine the name of even the smallest businesses.

The Neat Company’s latest additions support the ever-changing operational needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs through innovative upgrades and necessary enhancements that improve the overall user experience. Neat recognizes the daily obstacles that small-business owners face as they try to run a successful business, and this allows Neat to deliver the tools and solutions that give small-business owners the confidence and support to effectively manage their operations.

About Neat®
Neat is the leading provider of Smart Organization Solutions for the small business and home markets. Neat’s unique combination of cloud, mobile, desktop software and hardware scanning solutions transform important documents into usable digital information. Neat helps users organize, access and share both paper and digital documents allowing small businesses the ability to track and manage expenses as well as facilitate information workflows so they have more time to get to what matters.